Thursday, 23 July 2009


Sniffling from home

Yesterday my head exploded with a thousand sneezes. I assumed a high pollen count was to blame.

This morning my throat objected to any attempt at swallowing. The pollen is clearly innocent.

I'm pretty sure I've only got a cold, but it was lovely to have a cast iron reason for working from home: no-one wants a sniffling sneezer around these days.

Do you think we're on the threshold of a major change in workplaces? If a virus can spread so quickly through an office, it seems prudent to encourage home-working. I know I find working from home to be much more productive than working in a noisy office. Now I have another reason: in doing so I help mitigate the risk of business discontinuity.

Time to try convincing my employer I should work from home all the time?

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