Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Garden , Memories

In the garden

tomatoes.pngThis time of year, I often remember being at home from school, being with Dad in his garden. Dad grew most of the vegetables that we ate: neat rows of carrots, salads, potatoes and beans, unruly peas, thick pods of broad beans which we never really liked, and massive green cabbages with leaves like elephants' ears. We loved the garden - places to hide, tasty things to nibble when no-one was looking, and an endless source of the raw materials to make the perfect mud pie.

As soon as I came to live somewhere with a garden of my own, I knew I wanted to grow my own vegetables. It's taken a couple of years to get going, but this year we decided to invest a bit of time and effort - we now have beans, potatoes and tomatoes growing. I think Dad would be pleasantly amused by our efforts.

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