1. 25 January 2022

    Fàilte. Welcome. We’re still here.

    Three years ago we moved to Scotland. We moved in on Burns’ Night and ate haggis, neeps and tatties while sitting on the floor in an unfurnished house.

    We sat on the floor for our Burns Supper again tonight, but this time out of choice and tradition rather than lack of furniture.

    Anyone who’s moved will tell you what it’s like. Things get lost in the move, priorities change, and with all the will in the world, there’s always a box or two that remain unpacked.

    We’re finally unpacking our blog. Things are going to look a bit different round here; we’ll be redecorating for a start. Please stick around; we’ve three years of news to catch you up on to begin with.

    More soon. But in the meantime, it’s good to be back.

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