Saturday, 25 July 2009



When we first moved to this house, it was winter, and we weren't certain what was actually in the garden. The brown twigs which trailed up against the shed suggested that they might be interesting, but it wasn't until late summer, when it flowered, that we discovered that it was a clematis with beautiful deep purple flowers. We loved it. Then, inexplicably, it died.

Because we never quite got round to pulling it up, the withered remains stayed in the ground for two years. This summer though, we discovered a new shoot at the base of the plant, with a couple of pairs of leaves, and like attentive parents, we checked its growth each day. Once it was over five feet tall we assumed it could fend for itself.


This is the last of five flowers that it produced. Sadly, two were snapped off in the wind and rain recently, but this one survived.

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