Monday, 27 August 2012


A wet festival

mainstage-flowers.pngHow was Greenbelt?

Wet. Very wet.

Saturday night's storm was so ferocious that I didn't venture into the centre course area after Rachel Sermanni's evening-closing set in the Performance Café. For the subsequent two days you could easily identify those who had braved that part of site: their ankles were caked in liquid mud.

The grandstand side fared a little better, but still there were torrents of water where the racecourse's drainage was beaten by the weather.

My festival highlight was talking with people for whom the Festival Guide app made all the difference: one blind, and one partially sighted. It's been two years since I ensured the app was fully accessible, and I've had no feedback since, so it was a delight to be able to sit down and talk with native VoiceOver users.

Artistically, the three Solas acts that I'd recommended were great, with Harry Baker taking the crown as the best received.

I just hope that the weather isn't lousy next year.

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