Monday, 20 August 2012

Greenbelt , Tech

Fifth family member

gb12-icon.png And lo, there was a fifth member of the family.

The 2012 Festival Guide is the fifth guide app I've written for Greenbelt. It's slowly built over the years, but stayed true to the original design. Perhaps next year's the time to re-imagine it all over again. (I've had some ideas already.)

New this year:

  • Share events with friends via Twitter
  • Sync favourite events with your Calendar (and optional alarms)
  • Event lists show elapsed time (a red line on each event)
  • Higher quality images; full retina display support
  • Various display tweaks, particularly on iPad side

What's been particularly interesting to me this week is the language used by people on Twitter asking for its whereabouts. They've talked of a "need" for the app, and referred to it possessively as "my app".

It's a relief to see it published; I now switch into anxious mode to see how well it's received.

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