Monday, 30 January 2012

Album , Solas

Black Currents EP

Given my comments on last Monday's gig, it will come as no surprise that I'm delighted by Rachel Sermanni's new EP that was released on iTunes today (and physically next Monday).


What is a little surprising is that of the four tracks, the one I could take or leave is the title track. But the other three are breathtaking.

In particular I love Song to a Fox, which talks of a fox dancing along the railway line after the "London train has passed". Its ethereal production sends me back to my first experience riding the Caledonian Sleeper through the snowy Highlands.

The songs on the EP are rather melancholic, but there's an exuberance waiting to burst forth (just see what the band got up to after Monday's gig). I look forward to more.

Photograph: Rachel Sermanni playing at Solas 2011.

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