Thursday, 18 March 2010



This week I have mostly been distracted by Google StreetView. It's the perfect tool for checking back on places I once drifted thorough.

For example, was Glen Arkaig really as beautiful as I remembered? And how about the Cwm Ystwyth road across the Cambrian Mountains where Grandad's line "hemmed in by mountains of sin I behold thy glory" really took hold? What about Jaywick? Was it just a dream that somewhere like that exists on the Essex coast?

Thankfully Google have not been able to capture some of the places that I love the most: Sunderland Point in Lancashire (accessible only by tidal road), Cwm Einion (the "Artists' Valley") in Ceredigion and the Island of Iona. These will still require a personal visit.

Maybe StreetView will also bring about the end of the frequent disappearance of the Ham Sandwich sign, or failing that it will at least confirm beyond doubt its existence.

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