Monday, 15 June 2009

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Two years later

Dear Empire,

I hope you didn't think I was rude when you called just now. I finished our relationship over two years ago and I've not heard anything from you since so was a little surprised. It was fun while it lasted but ultimately you weren't worth the few pounds a month.

Let me tell you now what I didn't tell you then. Back when I first subscribed, you were a great magazine. But somewhere along the line - I think it was roundabout when you span out Heat - you changed. You became more obsessed with celeb than film. The adverts you carried in the last dozen pages became an embarrassment. (Seriously, why are those pages called Movie Marketplace when most of the ads are for adult chat lines and porn?)

Please change - I might come back. Something tells me you won't though; I think you're as "fanatical about film" as Odeon.

So that's why I asked you to never call again. Please don't take it personally.

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