Sunday, 12 April 2009


Further multiplex misery

We've seen four films now at our local multiplex. Of those only one was presented well.

Of the remaining three, the Quantum of Solace soundtrack was quarter to half a second out of sync with the pictures; when we went to see Slumdog Millionaire they started showing The Young Victoria instead; Changeling was blurry throughout and began with the wrong aperture/lens in use.

On the two most recent occasions I had to go out of the auditorium to draw staff attention to their mistake.

After talking with three members of staff at the end of Changeling, two Guest tickets were offered to us with an excuse-laden apology. (We'll be back to use them; will Odeon's success rate finally edge towards 50%?)

I had a similar experience in 2004. The root cause appears to be the cinema's goal: to make money rather than to present art, so they cut corners wherever possible and run with a minimum number of staff.

So much for being Fanatical About Film.

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