Thursday, 13 November 2008


Quantum of Solace

quantum-of-solace.jpgBond is always fun. I'll enjoy each and every one, despite the flaws.

So what are the flaws this time? I'll mention just one: Gemma Arterton's bizarre rôle. It's as if when nearing the end of the production the film-makers realised they didn't have enough Bond girls. Looking around they found an actress whose star was on the rise (St. Trinian's, Tess) and quickly rewrote as few scenes as necessary to include her.

The result is that despite being heavily featured in the trailer, Arterton's Strawberry Fields doesn't play any significant part in the film at all - she's just window dressing. Perhaps that's what Bond girls used to be for, but I thought that with Casino Royale we'd moved beyond all that.

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