Friday, 10 October 2008



When we finished the walk to Liverpool I was itching to continue. A circuit of the Mersey basin via Runcorn and Ellesmere Port looks attractive, as does the iconic ferry to Birkenhead but the route which absolutely captivated me was the tunnel.

Ordinarily pedestrians are barred. Cyclists are too; Jonathan tells of how twice in one day he was plucked from the bowels of the tunnel after being spotted on CCTV while on his ride from John O'Groats to Lands End. So I don't fancy my chances sneaking down there incognito. Our host for the walk into Liverpool dangled a tantalising fact though: every now and then one of the tunnels is opened to hikers.

Today I did one of my regular online searches for "mersey tunnel walk" and at first hit terrible news: I've missed an opportunity on 15 June this year. However, an article on the Liverpool Daily Post provides a glimmer of hope: the event may be repeated next year for the 75th anniversary of the tunnel.

So Liverpudlians, keep your ears to the ground and please let me know if you hear anything, especially a date! It'd be a highlight of the 7,000 miles.

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