Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Ever-moving playing field

One of the reasons we use EbiCo to supply our gas and electricity at home is that they charge the same for energy no matter how customers pay - whether by Direct Debit or pre-pay meter.

Today's news is that soon all energy suppliers will be required to follow EbiCo's lead.

So where now for EbiCo? Personally I believe they'll continue to be more equitable than other suppliers so we'll be sticking with them. (After all, they remain the UK's only not-for-profit supplier.)

EbiCo aside, this news has started me thinking about an interesting effect. If you create a product based on solely around specific principles which later become universally accepted (or in this case mandated), you run the risk of losing your key differentiator when the lobbying pays off.

Every now and then I wonder what it'd be like to run my own business. This ever-moving playing field is by turns scary and incredibly exciting.

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