Sunday, 28 November 2004



A question I hear every now and then is, "Whatever happened to the guys from Fat and Frantic?"

The last I heard of them was during the closing moments of Greenbelt '98, where a reformed FaF led an all-comers ensemble in U2's "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". (It was the last festival at Deene Park, and it was hard to look forward to ascertain whether it'd be the last Greenbelt of all. Thankfully six festivals later, Greenbelt is bigger even than those days.)

Anyway, walk into your local newsagent and you'll find "Fat" Jon Soper. Turn with me to page seventy-four of the December 2004 issue of Q. Number two on the panel tasked with finding the "most offensive song" of all time is a trendy vicar you might recognise.

One down, four to go. Anyone got leads on Silas Crawley, Jim Harris, Craig McLeish or Simon Saunders?

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