Wednesday, 13 August 2003


Prelude to a Festival

[Prague Mainstage]It seemed like such a good idea six months ago, a great prelude to Greenbelt: help out with the technical bits and pieces on Pip's shows at the EAY 2003 festival in Prague. Indeed it was a great idea: mixing with, working with and learning from people from across Europe. But it was also an overwhelming, exhausting time.

Having flown back on Saturday morning, going out on Sunday night suddenly seemed like a bad idea but I'm so glad I did. Regents Park, at the Open Air Theatre was a much better place to wind down before the full-on Greenbelt experience. Quiet music played loud, the rustling of the trees mingling with Kathryn Williams' acoustic arrangements and whispered vocals. The crowd was so laid-back the support wondered if we were even there. Pure bliss. This is what Sunday evenings were made for. A mug of tea and I'd have been in heaven.

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