Monday, 18 August 2003


Final Things

Heading back home, after lending a hand in the GB office, the last day all the staff are there before the festival. Sending out invitations and last-minute passes, compiling a list of phone numbers (how was the festival run before mobiles?), sorting out equipment to take to site, finding old seminars for rebroadcast for GB FM... it was a busy day for me, but I imagine not too out of the ordinary for the staff.

Tomorrow I'll relax -- if the weather holds I'll be reading on the beach -- then on Wednesday I head down to site.

This pattern's familiar to me now; Greenbelt seems so far away, but also frighteningly near. My TODO list is shrinking, I've cleared my email backlog and my lounge floor is peppered with piles of cables, clothes and cameras. It's time.

Only one thing left to do: the compilation tape to accompany the drive down. See you in Cheltenham.

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