Tuesday, 5 March 2002

Coastwalk , Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Newgale → Broad Haven

[An underground house]

Distance: 6.4 miles
Ascent: 400 metres
Duration: 2 hours

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It's been three years, but I'm back in Pembrokeshire to finish the National Trail. I've taken two weeks off work; in anyone's book that should be enough to complete one hundred miles.

I arrived at lunch-time again, but learning from last time's lesson decided on a warm-up walk rather than fling myself into a twenty-mile march.

The weather's been clear and dry, though a little cold. The walking's not as easy as I'd expected; for some reason I'd imagined a gentle walk along the beach to Broad Haven and had ignored the inclines.

I've taken my time and that's been a good thing. I had time to explore the old colliery, with its still standing stack just south of Newgale beach. (Just north of the colliery, hidden in the grass I found a small stone marked "Mum" - a simpler alternative to a park bench, perhaps?) And in contrast to the previous walk, when I came across a Guardian Goat blocking the path, I took it in my stride.

At Madoc's Haven erosion has diverted the path back inland along the road, but gave the opportunity to pass by a remarkable underground house built into the hillside.

Reaching Broad Haven, my plan was to check into the Youth Hostel there but finding it abandoned there was nothing for it but to head back to my favourite five-star hostel from before. Since it had been featured on BBC News since I visited it, I was expecting it to be full, but I was delighted to find that once more I am the only guest.

Time to settle in; I'm back home.

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