Wednesday, 6 March 2002

Coastwalk , Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Broad Haven → Westdale Bay

[Near Marloes]

Distance: 14.7 miles
Ascent: 1378 metres
Duration: 6 hours 10 minutes

Insanity: a habit
« Newgale | Dale »

Remember how yesterday I said I'd learnt my lesson and wouldn't fling myself into a twenty-mile march? It looks like the lesson's still not been learnt.

The original plan called for me to stop today's section at Marloes Sands YHA (that would've been ten miles or so). I think you know what's coming... it's closed, and there's no bus service nearby so I decided to try and make it as far as Dale.

By lunchtime the wind had picked up and it had started to rain. As I approached Martin's Haven I decided I'd had enough; I'd shelter there and phone for a taxi. It'd have been a good plan had there been telephone or shelter. The mobile was out of range. I trudged on.

A little further, two men from the National Park were working in an adjacent field. I did my best to look exhausted and pathetic, but instead of the planned offer of a lift all I got was a cheery wave. Well, at least if I collapse on the path further along I'll have had witnesses who can roughly pinpoint my location...

The rain finally stopped at Marloes Sands itself, and as the path levelled out so did my spirits. There was no way I'd be able to get round the Dale peninsula without collapsing, so I stopped at the west bay and cut through the valley to the village.

Safety at last, all I had to do was find the bus stop. Ah. The bus doesn't run on schooldays. And the taxis were all busy on school runs. And there was no cafe or pub to wait in. Ah.

Still, I got a cab eventually and sitting on the shore in Dale was a pleasant enough place to watch the world go by. Now I remember why I scouted out these walks last time I was here. I'm going to have to be more professional if I'm going to make it to Amroth.

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