Friday, 25 June 1999

Coastwalk , Peddar's Way / Norfolk Coast Path

Cromer → Sheringham

[West Runton]

Distance: 5.3 miles
Ascent: unknown
Duration: unknown

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Cromer is what Great Yarmouth will be like when it retires. In Cromer there are more electric wheelchairs than cars. And by Cromer the Norfolk coast has undeniably turned to the west on its march towards the Wash.

Here too we pick up a National Trail. Two paths are combined in Norfolk to create The Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path. We'll follow the Coast Path to Hunstanton, and leave The Peddars Way for others.

Strangely although there is a literal coast path between Cromer and Sheringham, the Norfolk Coast Path heads inland and that's the route I follow: up through the town, across farmland and onto the wooded Beacon Hill. The path drops steeply down the hillside, crosses the road and the railway before climbing again to the cliffs to the east of Sheringham.

I'm just in time to see the sun setting and I realise that it won't be long before I'm no longer able to see the sun set over the sea: in three or four walks' time I'll be heading north again on the relentless march towards Scotland.

But here looking down on Sheringham is a beautiful spot. Wherever I live I always try to find a vantage point where I can look down on my town, where I can see it in perspective. I don't have that in Woodbridge so places like this are especially dear to me now.

Onwards! My bed at the Youth Hostel is calling.

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