Friday, 10 March 2017

Wales Coast Path

M48 J2 → Chepstow

coast-path-dragon.jpg Distance: 2.86 miles
Ascent: 111 metres
Duration: 52 minutes

A coda
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Five years after completing the Wales Coast Path, how do I find myself finishing it again? Back in January 2012 we crossed into England on the Wye Bridge, but the Coast Path that was officially opened later that year has its formal end point a couple of miles further up the Wye in Chepstow. It makes for a more attractive end, rather than the somewhat abrupt mid-bridge stop indicated only by a motorway marker post.

But I'm a completer, so the little chunk from the Bridge to Chepstow has been teasing me for too long.

The path is extremely well signposted, with the Coast Path's stylised dragon logo appearing at reassuringly frequent intervals on lamp post stickers, finger posts and even discs embedded in the pavement. Whenever I was unsure of where the route went next I needed only look briefly for the next waymark.

coast-path-end.jpgA mural set into the riverside path by The Boat Inn is the official end. It's somehow unsatisfactory. Perhaps this is because the upright stones on either side indicate the bigger walk on my mind.

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