Saturday, 9 July 2016


Manic Street Preachers


The Manics first burst into my consciousness in the early 90s, played at a chest-rattlingly high volume in our sixth form common room, and their era-defining output formed a soundtrack to my student life over the next decade. Everything Must Go became an anthem to a particularly sour break-up; If You Tolerate This articulated a growing political awareness. For many years, the Manics were the band that got away: one of the ones that I never quite got to see live.

Maybe that's why I was so pleased to finally get tickets to see them at the Eden Project; not the first place I'd think of for live music, but since we've been visiting on an annual basis, somewhere that I've also come to deeply love. And it was my birthday weekend, too; hardly a better way to celebrate.

We managed to end up right at the front of the crowd, pressed up close enough to see the persistent rain sparkling in the stage lights. You love us played as a thumping encore; I certainly do.

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