Friday, 24 June 2016


Black clouds looming

My unbroken record of always voting for the losing option continues.

bye-bye-eu.jpgToday that fact is rather more depressing than usual. A few weeks ago we saw posters beside the M40 that demanded we "Halt ze German advance! Vote Leave!"

If I hadn't been convinced before, the posters would have pushed me: I want to live in a country that welcomes people, not one that tries to restore old borders and fears. It's frustrating to see that so many people have been taken in by the rhetoric espoused by the Leave campaign.

Driving up the M40 this evening one of the posters now declared "Bye Bye EU. Praise the Lord! 23d June. Independence Day". The sky behind was black with cloud.

At Solas I came across an organisation whose slogan is "all of us first". Take me to that place.

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