Saturday, 26 March 2016


Findhorn → Forres

findhorn.jpg Distance: 7.59 miles
Ascent: 42 metres
Duration: 2 hours 23 minutes

Findhorn Bay
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It's been a good, long week. We've walked further than we'd hoped, but still found time for a final short hop before driving home.

kinloss-nimrod.jpgI've read that it's possible to walk directly across the mud flats of Findhorn Bay but we took the less risky option: with the exception of the final mile and a half we were on roads.

There were still things to see though:

  • The Findhorn Foundation, which seems to chime with many of our own views albeit with a slightly different view on spirituality. (We were surprised, however, to see Guinness on sale here amongst the craft beers in the otherwise organic whole food shop.)
  • The mothballed RAF Kinloss, and a lone Nimrod aircraft parked at the end of its runway.
  • findhorn-abbey.jpgKinloss Abbey, a place of sanctuary with a soberingly large collection of Commonwealth War Graves.

river-findhorn.jpgBut oh, that final stretch was such a delight: a fisherman's path beside the babbling River Findhorn. It may not have been the sea, but it was such a tranquil place to end the week's walking.

Notes for future walkers:

  • The Speyside Way finishes at Forres, but takes a more direct route into the town from Findhorn. At NJ 040 605 where the Way carries straight on, we turned right on the minor road through Netherton and Seafield.
  • As noted above, the daring may wish to take a more direct route across the bay
  • At a small car-park at NJ 026 607 you can leave the road and follow a fisherman's path all the way to the bridge across the river.

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