Saturday, 6 February 2016



This is compelling storytelling. Sadly it's based on true events.

As a film, Spotlight is well-named: its subject matter is investigative journalism (and specifically the Boston Globe's Spotlight team) rather than the news story that's being uncovered over the course of the production. There's plenty to show: the role of media in shining a light on things that would otherwise remain hidden in the shadows, the question of how such work is funded in a zero-cost Internet-driven world, the impact of an intense job on daily life.

projection.jpgWhat's not shown so much is the news story itself, and there's even more to cover there. The reporters uncover sexual abuse by priests, and a church and society that would rather cover up these uncomfortable truths. I came away feeling there was more to be told here.

Rather pleasingly, the film manages to avoid coming across as anti-Christian. At one point one of the journalists yearns for the church that he remembered from his upbringing, in what could almost be a secular prayer for its return.

As the world progresses, big institutions need to change too.

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