Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Bruce Cockburn

A last minute decision took me to The Stables in Wavendon tonight to see Bruce Cockburn.

bruce-cockburn.jpgI was disappointed last time I saw Cockburn. At Greenbelt it felt as though he was just going through the motions. However, tonight he redeemed himself. His seventy year-old lungs don't quite have the power to drive his voice as they once did, but the dexterity of his fingers mean his guitar-playing as as good as ever.

It was a bit of a Greatest Hits show, and even then he didn't play my favourite (See How I Miss You) but that's OK. Over the years Cockburn's been prolific; he'd need to play a five hour show to cover everyone's choice. (Indeed, the number of songs requested as he prepared to play an encore was verging on ridiculous.)

Unsurprisingly Wondering Where the Lions Are was in the set though I doubt it made anyone else in the audience think of barn dancing on a farm just outside Perth. (For yes, somehow that song fitted in perfectly to the Hallenshankers ceilidh that closed Solas 2015).

If I don't ever get to see Cockburn play again, tonight's gig has created more than enough memories.

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