Sunday, 29 March 2015

Peddar's Way / Norfolk Coast Path

Stonebridge → Knettishall Heath

green-lane.jpg Distance: 6.72 miles
Ascent: 88 metres
Duration: 1 hour 48 minutes

Road to Nowhere
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After a shade under seven miles in the rain I reached the end of the Peddars Way path! That's my fifth National Trail completed.

When I walked along the coast past the other end of Peddars Way I recounted the often-repeated suggestion that no-one knows Peddars Way's destination. They're usually referring to the coastal end, but one could say the same of the southern end. Peddars Way ends at a signpost on a road through a forest.

The finger pointing in the other direction reveals that perhaps this is just an interim destination. Ivinghoe Beacon and The Ridgeway National Trail is only 106 miles away. A path to follow on another occasion, perhaps.

But for now, my destination is due west. Thetford railway station is my gateway home. Just another five miles of rain and I'll be there.


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