Saturday, 28 February 2015

Angels , Fife Coastal Path


We stayed in Pittenweem while we were in Fife, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

pittenweem-angel.jpgThe cottage we rented was East Haven, which is perfectly situated at one end of the High Street. There's a chippy directly opposite, and a couple of doors down from that the rather wonderful Pittenweem Chocolate Company whose Intense Hot Chocolate drinks we sampled rather too readily! At the back of their café hangs a wire mannequin in a sparkly red dress with gold wings; I like to think of it as the Pittenweem Angel.

Sadly Pittenweem High Street isn't as busy as you might like: the butcher had recently shut up shop due to retirement, but there's still a baker and general store. There are a fair few art galleries too, and no doubt the place is buzzing during the annual art festival. The biggest surprise was that there was nowhere to buy fresh fish, even odder since there's still a landing fleet and wholesalers' market on the dock.

The village itself is a network of narrow wynds leading to the sea and hidden corners. It's been a joy to explore.

Further afield we can recommend the Ardross Farm Shop for all the things you can't buy in the High Street, even better if reached by the path along the low cliffs.

Two weeks ago we'd never set foot in Fife. Today we understand why many consider it to be a rather special place.

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