Sunday, 1 February 2015

Celtic Connections

On screen

Both of the gigs we went to at Celtic Connections are now on iPlayer. And you can spot us in the audience in each one!


As I suspected, the atmosphere of the Opening Concert doesn't come across quite as well on the recording as it did in person, and the flaws of the performance are evident.

Rab Noakes may be a legendary solo artist, but he's not got the discipline of timing required to perform with a full orchestra. On the other hand, Fiona Hunter's vocals on the first two tracks are stunning. My biggest disappointment is that the camera barely picked out cellist Su-a Lee, who seemed to be enjoying herself more than anyone else on stage.

There are a few more clips from the gig online that didn't make the final cut. I recommend the thoroughly bizarre and rambling Storyteller.

Perhaps the more faithful recording is of Saturday night's gig at the Old Fruitmarket with Le Vent du Nord. This is world music at its joyous best. We certainly hope to see this Québéois quartet again. (But I still think the violinist looks like he's doing the wee-wee dance.)

You have about two weeks to watch the shows before they expire from iPlayer. Go get 'em!

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