Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Three, two, one

This year's Greenbelt is the third festival that I'm not a Trustee. It's the second that I'm having a take-away curry at home on the Thursday night instead of at the Everest, and the first year I don't get a credit in the Festival Guide. The slow disconnect continues.

It's also the first year in a long time that the large group of friends who always used to come to Greenbelt aren't heading over. That last thought is the saddest one.

The run-up to the festival's been rather stressful: in addition to the iOS Festival Guide app (which I've written for the past six years now), I've also developed a new Android app and users familiar with the old one aren't entirely happy with the change. This is curious since both apps seemed to go down well at Solas.

Still, at least the weather forecast looks significantly better than last year's.

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