Thursday, 27 June 2013


Saltburn-by-the-Sea → Marske-by-the-Sea

beach-cricket.png Distance: 2.33 miles
Ascent: 21 metres
Duration: 53 minutes

Oh I do like to be ...
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We may have finished the Cleveland Way for the week, but since we're staying in Marske there was still a short walk along the beach to finish the day off.

The tide was out so we stayed on the beach. With Saltburn pier behind us, it began to rain. This didn't seem to deter the group of people playing cricket on the sand though. "The perfect English summer image," Em observed.


Marske itself is a curious place, a coastal village with no real presence on the coast. It's mostly hidden behind dunes and low cliffs with just one slipway to give away its existence. The village is functional rather than dressing: somewhere to sleep, not necessarily somewhere to play.

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