Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Album , Solas

Jo Mango: Murmuration

Jo Mango is a little bit in awe of creation. The starling, crow, stork, moth, goose, rabbit, duck, albatross, seamonster, hare and bee all receive mentions on her new album Murmuration.

I'm just a little bit in awe of Jo Mango. Murmuration is without a doubt my favourite album of the year.

In whispered midnight tones, the melodies and gentle arrangements tell stories of life and death, freedom and space. The record is achingly beautiful, rich in tone and steeped in poetry. Stuffed full with interesting instrumentation (including kalimba, bowed glockenspiel, squeezebox and Hebridean chorus), it got under my skin almost immediately.

Now, one month after release, I still don't think I've found the words to do it justice. I just hope the album finds the wide audience it deserves.

(Wait until the wee small hours, turn the lights down low and have a listen.)

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