Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Greenbelt , Solas

The wee sister sends her friends

If you're heading to Greenbelt this weekend, here are a few acts you'll not want to miss, based on their performances at the two most recent Solas Festivals.

  • Rachel Sermanni — Performance Café, Sunday 2200
    Beautiful voice from the Highlands, lyrics that pull you in with a hint of darkness. Debut album Under Mountains to be released in September.

  • Stanley Odd — Mainstage, Saturday 1725
    Hip-hop for the 21st century with Scottish accent and bags of conscience. Reminds me of pre-KLF Drummond/Cauty. Second album Reject to be released in September.

  • Harry Baker — Performance Café, Saturday 1900
    Poet/storyteller/rap mathematician. Took Solas by storm, performing on almost every stage. Seems to be due to repeat this feat at Greenbelt. Unmissable.

There are many other Solas names to look out for: Calamteur, John Bell and Roddy Woomble to name a few, but my first three are the folk will be talking about the most.

As for acts Solas can borrow from Greenbelt, why have they not booked The Proclaimers yet?

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