Monday, 7 November 2011


Millom → Askam in Furness

bridleway-danger.png Distance: 15.4 miles
Ascent: 104 metres
Duration: 5 hours 39 minutes

The Duddon Estuary
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The estuary of the River Duddon is another that is crossed by old rights of way. The start and end points of today's walk are joined by a three mile bridleway that crosses the sands, but in the absence of a guide we instead stuck to the shoreline and crossed on the road bridge.

em-embankment.pngThe grass on the embankment leading out of Millom was frozen from the overnight frost, but had thawed by the time we crossed the railway at Lady Hall. This first section was by far the most enjoyable with the Coniston Fells drawing us forwards.

duddon-colours.pngAround the head of the estuary the pavement-free busy main road was not much fun, although the view from the Duddon Bridge with the trees ablaze in autumn colours was wonderful.

Between Foxfield and Kirby-in-Furness, back lanes and paths were better, and the footpath south of Kirby initially looked promising. It soon petered out and we realised that the gully-hopping of the previous two days was just warm-up for this, the main event.

incoming-storm.pngThere was no visible path. Tall rushes made it difficult to see what was underfoot, although before too long it was just one thing: deep, wet salt-marsh. Somewhere south of Soutergate Crossing we finally gave up, hopped over a fence and quickly dashed along to the footpath to Cart House. Our troubles didn't end there, as three rams refused to move away from the gate we intended to use. Ahead, a storm appeared to be closing in.

After another detour we finally rejoined the coast on the track to Dunnerholme. South of here a good path follows the edge of a golf course to the road where we'd parked the car.

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