Friday, 21 October 2011


On leaving

"How was your first time missing a Trustees meeting?" he asked.

Actually, I'd not noticed and had to check which date it had been.

Various people asked me similar questions at the festival this year, and the answer was always the same: that it didn't feel as if much had changed, because I'd been just as involved as ever right up to the event despite resigning as a Trustee in March.

In August I also handed over the reins as Company Secretary and so realised that I had attended my last Trustees meeting in June without noticing.

Feelings are beginning to flood in thick and fast now. There's a sense of relief that I won't have to keep pace with minuting any more torrential all-day meetings, but there's also a huge sense of loss: this has been a group I've been very close to for over a decade now.

What next for me and Greenbelt? I don't know. I'll still go, and no doubt I'll still be involved behind the scenes in some way. After all, today's question came from a staff member at a GB website meeting I was asked to attend.

So here's to something new. And to finding something to plug that hole which is left.

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