Thursday, 25 August 2011


Featured in Wired

Well this was a surprise: a short article in Wired about the Greenbelt apps.

Andy Robertson absolutely nails it when he describes the complexity of navigating the festival which I had a hunch could be simplified with an iPhone app back in 2008:

This ever expanding programme had become one of their problems -- navigating the printed program was an exercise in cross referencing and note taking. My wife had sometimes taken to creating a spreadsheet of the things she wanted to see.

Pleased as I was to read that, I was delighted to read the review: "In actual fact [the app] was really rather good ... It's made the festival experience for my family much better."

Andy's two bug bears: lack of social network integration and inability to share favourites between devices are features I already had in mind for next year's app.

I'm monitoring Twitter for other ideas too, so do share them there or drop me an email.

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