Wednesday, 8 June 2011


A walk through Amsterdam

I'm in Amsterdam on business for just a couple of days. This morning was my one and only chance to get out into the city. I had an hour. Here are some notes.

Bicycles glide past in graceful procession.


Every building is leaning: most towards the roads as if pulled over by the hoists that invariably jut out from the rafters, but some are slumped to the side, resting on their neighbour.

More people smoke here.

I went looking for the Anne Frank House. I walked straight past it without noticing the nondescript door. This seems somehow appropriate.

The canals bless the city with serenity.

Although the city is arranged on a grid, it felt unstructured. I didn't find a High Street as such; boutiques are sandwiched between homes; seemingly every shop visit would require its own journey.

There is much to like here, and much more exploring to be done. I think I'll be back.

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