Sunday, 6 March 2011


Rights and responsibilities

Before I get this one off my chest, I probably should say that I'm one of life's cat people. I've never owned a dog, don't want to, and don't really like them. Why would you have something in your house that rolls in poo and could happily kill your children?

One of the things that you get used to as a regular user of paths and pavements is that for some people, the concept of responsible dog ownership is a bit of a challenge. Although it would be an exageration to suggest the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path was paved in poo, it was a depressingly common sight along the way.

If you have a dog, I do not want to have to walk around its poo because you forgot to bring a poop scoop or bag, even less so because you just couldn't be bothered. If you can't bring yourself to pick up its waste, you shouldn't own it.

Oh, and those licenses that you used to have to legally own a dog? In my cat-stroking, evil megalomaniac world, you'll have to have one, and you'll have to prove your eligibility for it by picking up and bagging the poop first.

Ah, that's better.

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