Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Hooray for Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes has just announced on Newsnight that he will definitely not vote for the proposed student fees rise tomorrow, and that he may choose to vote against the motion.

Simon is one of two Members of Parliament I have written to this week. The other is my own constituency MP.

I wrote to Simon because he was the first MP I met, and that meeting was while I was at University. I feel strongly that if I were seventeen years old now - facing fees of £9,000 a year - I would not be able to justify going to college. And that would have been a bad move. I graduated with a fantastic degree from a great college. More than that I matured significantly, primarily by meeting such a wide variety of people, including for the first time a principled politician.

I'm delighted that the man I met twenty years ago in London still stands by his principles today.

There's still time to write to your MP if you haven't already voiced your opinion.

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