Saturday, 21 August 2010

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Indulge me

A selection of responses to the app, from Twitter:

  • Just downloaded iOS #gb10 app. (h/t @greenbelt) - awesome, especially on iPad! Well worth £3.49. I've marked my faves!!

  • Downloaded the #gb10 iPhone app, marked my favs, already have more than a weekend's worth of stuff to go to... excellent! :-)

  • Oh @Greenbelt, you spoil us with the #GB10 app. It's beautiful.

  • ... Now I REALLY wish I was off to @greenbelt ... The app looks great once again this yr #gb10

  • Just downloaded iPhone app for @greenbelt @gb10 and found it also has very cool Ipad version!

  • App now successfully downloaded and looks really good - thanks @greenbelt !!! #GB10

  • In love with #gb10 app: have spent 2 hours totally engrossed and now need to know how to split myself 3 ways :)

Add to that six ratings and three reviews on the iTunes Store all giving the app five stars our of five.

The software I develop in my "real job" may be used by four orders of magnitude more people than this, but no-one ever notices it. This is much more fun.

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