Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Thea Gilmore: Strange Communion

It's not the same these days.

Since we moved away from Suffolk I've not performed the December Ritual.

It wouldn't be the authentic anyway. Down here we don't have a Market Square decorated with small Christmas Trees lit with tiny white lights. There's no tidal river along which to take a moonlit walk. The streets are never quiet, even after midnight.

There's new music too: Thea Gilmore's released a Christmas album of her own and it's very good. I wish I could do without the pop-ditty of That'll be Christmas but if I did I've have to discard lyrics referring to "muddy boots on a Welcome mat" and "faith, hope and gluttony".

It was always going to take something special to displace The Darkest Night of the Year, but this might just fit.

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