Monday, 23 November 2009



With three major road bridges out of action, it's clear this weekend's floods have made a substantial impact on travel in west Cumbria. But does the media really need to hype it to the extent they are?

There's a lot of focus on "a two minute journey that now takes ninety minutes" from Seaton to Workington via the head of Bassenthwaite Lake. There's no doubt that there's a lot of inconvenience, but does no-one walk or take the train anymore? Are people so set in their ways that they can't adjust their lives to suit?

The railway across the river is still running, and Maryport makes a good alternative for those on the north bank who'd normally use Workington for supplies. It's difficult to be sure, but I've yet to see any information about the footbridge over the Derwent at the Port of Workington - presumably that's still open.

I guess it's not such an interesting story though: "two minute drive now a ten minute walk".

This dependence on the car needs to stop.

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