Thursday, 2 April 2009


Marnie and Me

After the walk: supper. And where better than in our new favourite pub, the Anchor Inn at Cockwood? Jez and I ate here on our walk from Teignmouth to Starcross back in 2001, so yesterday when repeating that walk with Emma I knew it would be worth popping in. (The mussels-with-anything menu is unique!)

marnie-me.pngTonight a local duo were playing live, so it was the only candidate location to finish the day.

Marnie and Me are a fun duo led by Marnie and accompanied by Katie Marie. They were enjoyable to listen to, but...

Well here's the thing: Katie had much better stage presence than Marnie. She seemed more relaxed, more engaged with the crowd and appeared to be an all-round better musician. Marnie took lead vocals on all numbers, so it wasn't possible to be sure but I reckon that I'd rather have seen Katie lead with Marnie doing the odd backing vocal. I'm tempted to buy one of her CDs just to see. I'll not bother with Marnie's.

Having said that, how wonderful to see live music again. Tonight was probably the highlight of this short holiday.

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