Tuesday, 15 November 2005


The East Andean Project

Landmark East took another step closer to their goal for a landmark for East Anglia today by publishing details of the four projects they are pursuing. It's interesting to note that two of the projects are in Essex, one is in Bedford and the last is in Cambridge. Suffolk and Norfolk - the counties at the heart of East Anglia - won't get any new landmarks. It looks like we're still too conservative out here.

Of more interest to me though was the publication of the full catalog of competition entries from which the four finalists were selected.

There are some absolute gems here. Best of all is the East Andean Project, which calls for the creation of a new mountain range across our flat-lands, to boost tourism. The proposal is rounded off by a picture of alps rising behind Constable's Haywain, complete with caption "The East Andean rescue services are always on stanby when flash floods occur".

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