Friday, 28 October 2005

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Getting it

In a world where everyone seems to be moaning about how the music industry is a money-grabbing machine that refuses to face up to the changing world, it's so lovely to find a band that absolutely "gets it".

[Finniston CD packaging]

I first heard Finniston on Mark Hunter's Tartan Podcast. A couple of hours after ordering their CD I received an email thanking me and reassuring me it'd be dispatched once they returned from holiday. Today it hit my doormat, CD safely encased in newspaper with a hand-written note slipped inside the exterior wrapping paper. "Feel free to copy for your friends," it read.

From hi-tech introductions to low-tech touches. This reminds me of Over the Rhine's early days when they exported their CDs in cigar boxes.

The music? It shows promise. I'll listen to it more before coming to a full opinion. But when it comes to setting expectations, Finniston have done everything right.

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