Monday, 28 March 2005


Conquered despite the mud

[Aysgarth Upper Falls]

Distance: 6.82 miles
Ascent: 308 metres
Duration: 3 hours 18 minutes

Walk 13: Aysgarth Falls and Bolton Castle

As we crossed a field between Hollins House and High Thoresby I realised I'd done this walk before. Or rather, I'd attempted this walk before. Three of us set out from the YHA in Aysgarth ten years ago but turned back after a herd of stubborn cows refused us access to a key stile.

No such trouble this time although yesterday's rain has did its best to turn much of the walk with a sloshy watery bog.

The falls themselves were probably the highlight, so if you're ever in need of being completely bored to tears ask to see my endless pictures of them.

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