Sunday, 13 March 2005


Bearded Lake

[Bearded Lake]

Distance: 3.31 miles
Ascent: 297 metres
Duration: 1 hour 48 minutes

Walk 3: Llyn Barfog, The Bearded Lake

That there is Llyn Barfog, the Bearded Lake. It's the summit of a short but rewarding walk from Cwm Maethlon (Happy Valley) on the north bank of the Dyfi estuary.

On its name our guide speculates about water-lilies, monsters and King Arthur's foster father. Further on along the Panorama Walk we see the hoof-print of Arthur's horse at Carn March Arthur and we read of how it was left as they lept across the wide river towards the mountains in the south.

If it was OK to enjoy the stories aged seven, surely I'm allowed to revisit them twenty-five years later.

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