Sunday, 13 February 2005



Let's see. It started with a whistle-stop tour of American politics filtered through Christian eyes. Then two great comedians and some late night drinking with friends.

Saturday brought with it more deep thinking - back to the roots of our discontent, and re-evaluating the Bible through the mechanisms of contemporary culture with a wise theologian. A little strategic thinking about our festival, some time off in the countryside, various videos and live music. The day was rounded off by missing a play and more music because the talking and drinking was too compelling.

Then today: generous living, a fantastic communion service, farewells and finally home.

The phrase "a little Greenbelt in the middle of winter" has been used to describe the Wing and a Prayer Weekend before, but this is the first time I've really felt it accurate.

My head's so rammed full of thoughts and moments from the weekend it might take me until August to unpack them all.

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