Saturday, 5 February 2005


Gummer's How

Today's weather is even worse than yesterday's, but we managed one last walk to round the week off - up Gummer's How from Jon and Hannah's house.

[Lake Windermere and the fells]

Distance: 3.6 miles
Ascent: 263 metres
Duration: 2 hours 1 minute


It's a small hill, but Gummer's How provides great views of the fells. Lake Windermere below was still except for a single boat running circles at the northern end. Across the lake a covering of snow on the very tops of the hills was just about visible under their shroud of cloud.

[Blackpool across Morecambe Bay]

As the sun set we headed back down, a view of the whole of Morecambe Bay as a backdrop. Thirty-five miles across the water the slender form of Blackpool Tower was clearly visible. It's perhaps one hundred and fifty miles' walk round the coast from Sellafield but I'll get there eventually.

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