Sunday, 16 January 2005


Orford coast and country

[An old barn]

Having finally used my Suffolk Walks book, I'm determined to get through most of its 28 walks before the end of the year.

Distance: 6.58 miles
Ascent: 94 metres
Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

Walk 14: Orford coast and country

[Forest clearing]

It was warmer today than I expected, but once the haze built up and blocked out the sun that all changed.

This walk is a short circuit of Orford, taking in farmland, a small village church, forest, country lanes and the riverside.

[Pagodas on Orford Ness]

I've walked part of the path before, but I didn't describe the most prominent feature on the coast by Orford: the Pagodas of the former atomic research establishment on Orford Ness. They're an incongruous sight, these hulking buildings which to me look more like the Acropolis. It's hard to imagine their presence being a secret since their nature begs questions.

Visiting the Ness will have to wait for another occasion though. After a busy start to the weekend, I needed to get out into the fresh air and this walk has satisfied that need wonderfully.

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