Friday, 3 December 2004


The Woodbridge Westside

From a council newsletter, delivered to my house this week:

"The Woodbridge amnesty was extended to four weeks because of its success that saw over 50 items binned, including a machine gun, five shotguns, two rifles, three handguns, two swords, and a machete, plus 39 knives and daggers!"

I'm not sure what's more telling: the paragraph I've quoted, or the fact that it astonished me.

Felixstowe only managed to muster up "smoke flares, ornamental daggers, a flick knife, two deactivated revolvers, eight kitchen knives and a quantity of bullets". Top marks for style, but I think Woodbridge just nudges ahead on points.

We await the results from Saxmundham and Leiston with baited breath.

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